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Business Loans

If You Are In Need Of A Business Loan We Got You Covered Like Wall To Wall Carpet. We Encourage All Of Our Co-op Members To Get Into Business By Any Means Necessary, Therefore, You Will Have What Is Called Multiple Streams Of Income Verses One Stream Of Revenue. We Need More Black Owned Businesses And Black Entrepreneurship Worldwide. The Current Statistics Are 8 Of 10 Black Owned Businesses Fail Within 18 Months? The Indigenous Water Bank Has Been Inducted Into The Atlanta Business Hall Of Fame And Inspire To Change These Horrible Black Owned Businesses Statistics. Regardless Of Race, Color, Creed Or Religion, We Do Business With People From All Walks Of Life.

Small Business Lending Solutions Tailored To Your Specific Needs!

Unsecured Business Loans

Our Unsecured Business Loans Allows You To Cover Any Business-Related Finance Need. The Unsecured Business Loan is a short-term loan -usually up to 12 months. You Will Repay The Loan And Interest Weekly or Monthly. No Collateral Is Required To Secure Loan.

  • Amount- 5-500k
  • 3-24 Month Terms
  • Interest Rate :8-15%
  • Within 1-2 Business days

Business Line of Credit

An Agreed Amount Is Made Available To Access Anytime You Need It. Often With A LIne of Credit You Will Only Pay Interest On The Amount Withdrawn

  • Amount 5-250k
  • 3-12 Month Terms
  • Interest Rate:8-15%
  • Within 1-2 Business days

Merchant Cash Advance

With Merchant Cash Advance a lender will provide you with a lump sum payment in advance and then collect repayment (and fees) as an agreed percentage from your daily sales.

  • Amount 5-250k
  • 1-12 Month Terms
  • 15% Interest Rate
  • Fast Approval

Equipment Finance

Equipment Finance is a fixed term loan product to purchase machinery or equipment for business. The asset will be owned by the Lender throughout the term of the contract.

  • 5-2 Million 
  • 1-5 Years Term
  • 6-15 % Interest
  • Within 5-7 Days

Hire Purchase

A Medium-term loan product to purchase an asset. The asset is owned by the lender until the end of the finance term

  • 5-2 Million
  • 1-7 years Term
  • 4.6-15% Interest Rate
  • 5-7 days

Traditional Business Loan

A Longer fixed term secured borrowing facility, like a mortgage. Often you will need to use personal assets to secure the loan.

  • 50k-2Million
  • 1–10-year Terms
  • 2.97-12.83 Interest
  • Slow approval

Personal Loan

Money used to purchase items or pay bills

  • 5k-100k
  • 1-3 Year Terms
  • 2.97-12,83 %
  • 24 hours