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Rental Loan Details


Rental Loans

Hold Forever or Sell at the Right Time
A dramatically simplified qualification process

Our Rental Property Loan Program

Our Rental360 Loan Program is perfect for professional investors looking to grow their portfolio of single-family rental properties.

Rental360 Features

  • Full 30-year terms, no balloons
  • Streamlined qualification process emphasizing property

level cash flow 

  • No Tax Returns Required
  • Up to 80% LTVs
  • Simple Haggle Free Pricing You Can Depend On
  • Protect Your Identity And Other Assets By Borrowing In Names Of Business Entities.

Another clear benefit of choosing a specialized rental lender instead of financing all your investment properties, such as your fix-and-flips, through one lender: avoiding cross-default provisions. Essentially, through a cross-default provision, if a borrower fails to pay interest or principal on time for one loan, the lender has the right to default the borrower on all their loans. Fix-and-flips are risky investments even for the best lenders, so it is always good practice to keep your rentals elsewhere.

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