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Referral Program

This Program Is More Of An Incentive For Co-op Members To Establish Multiple Streams Of Income. Most People Only Have One Stream Of Revenue. Revenue Is Only That Which You Have Left Over After Paying Your Bills. A Job Is Only One Stream Of Revenue, While Multiple Businesses And Programs Are Means For Multiple Streams Of Income. Income Is That Which You Have Coming In And Income Is Something You Should Have Coming In.

We Are Offering Two New Referral Programs For Co-op Members And Nonmembers. For Each Credit Repair Referal We Will Give Each Member Or Nonmember $100. However, For Any Loan Referral We Are Giving $350 @ Closing. We Encourage Our Co-op Members To Have Multiple Streams Of Income And This Will Be Two Additional Streams, In Addition To The Other 5 Or 10 They Should Already Have From The Multiple Business Ventures Presented By The Co-op.

We Teach And Preach Ownership Through Co-operative Development.

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